Tips to beat the winter blues

Here are 7 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues
  • Anticipate a fun filled activity
  • Eat Healthy
  • Spend time with your Pets
  • Exercise
  • Give yourself a Treat
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Get Crafty

  • Anticipate a fun filled activity: You can plan a vacation, buy a ticket to a concert, plan a camp night with friends or go for a movie. This above activities will help you get out of the bed and plan things out. This tip here helps you to find something that you're really jazzed about doing and savor not only the experience, but the anticipation of doing it.
  • Eat Healthy: Due to cold weather we like to sleep all day in our comfy bed and don't feel like having any lunch and end up missing lunch which has adverse effect on our body as our blood sugar level drops and feel frustrated, instead try convincing and motivating yourself to lose all the holiday fat eating healthy. This is beneficial for your health and you feel active all day.
  • Spend time with your Pets: You can spend time petting and playing with your cat or dog, as we all know that pets are both fun and calming. This tip helps you beat the winter blues as you step outside your house and you stop feeling lazy and you are out of your bed too. This will make you and your pet happier.
  • Exercise: Exercise does not always comes with hitting the gym, following a strict pattern instead you can try dancing to your favorite song which involves body movement and it helps you enjoy the climate as well. Laughing is also a good form of exercise as it make us feel better by quickly shifting our focus onto something fun, hopeful, and uplifting.

Summary: Winter months like January are considered most depressing month because the weather is cold and daylight is in short supply. It's tempting to curl up on your couch, eat your favorite food and binge watch TV all day, and if you feel you are struggling with Winter Blues.

Give yourself a Treat: Treat yourself after you have done something productive during the day, this thought will help you keep motivated to grab your favorite snack, desert or go shopping after you have completed your goal. This tip will allow you to take a short walk and make you enjoy the climate. Stay Hydrated: Dehydration is one of those hidden wintertime troubles. We don't feel dehydrated, but we actually are so, make sure you are getting enough water and the best tip to stay hydrated is by limiting any forms of caffeine intake such as coffee as that contributes to dehydration. Staying hydrated is also great for your skin which dries out easily in the winter. Get Crafty: Winter is the perfect time to get crafty and break out some fun sensory activities – likeplaying with snow. You can take out the construction paper, makers and crayons and draw the nature which blooms in winter with fog or let your kids hone their scissor skills by making snowflakes. Have a "snowball fight" with your kids with cotton balls. Teach them to paint or bake some cookies together! .

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