Inspiring books that can be gifted to the child

Books that can be gifted to a child Amina's Voice written by hena kahn: In this story she must deal wit some challenges given by Pakistani-American Muslim . she makes a big mistake on that journey of finding herself and now she has to work on these missteps. Brave written by Svetlana Chmakova: Jensen is living a daily nightmare of being bullied in middle school. he is a hero for himself but in reality he dosen't do anything to stop them by bullying him. Many childrens now-a-days reading this story can relate himself with the story.

Summary: Every child must read book . It help them to develop the literary skills , vocabulary , language development , appreciation for art , writing and imagination. If your child is good at reading book it will help him to easliy learn what him wants to learn in school. It also improves concentration and memory power.

Tribe of Mentors written by Tim Ferriss : Tthis book has three lesson .Lesson 1: There are 3 hidden opportunities in each failure. Lesson 2: Keep finding new ways to say no to not get sucked into the wrong commitments.Lesson 2: Keep finding new ways to say no to not get sucked into the wrong commitments.

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