Importance of healthy diet especially when exams are nearing

Here are some tips which help them understand the importance of healthy diet during exam or when exams are nearby
  • Have a healthy, wholesome breakfast Breakfast is the important meal of the day, give them a power-packed and nutritious meal which will make their brain active throughout the day, breakfast can include foods like nuts, blueberries which help their brain function well and help them focus on the studies.Dont feed your child a large meal as they will experience a drip in the energy level, on the other hand small and steady meals will provide sufficient supply of energy to the child.
  • Keep them Hydrated: During exam season, child may feel sleeplessness and low activity, extremely tired and dehydrated. It's important that the child constantly keeps drinking water to flush out toxins from the body and feel fresh. Keep a bottle of water on their study table or around them at all times and remind them to drink water frequently, fresh juices and soups may also help them stay hydrated. Keeping them hydrated will lower their risks of falling ill. Drinking 1.5 liters of water a day is helpful.

  • Teach them the importance of not skipping any meal: Teach your child and make them understand the importance of each meal during the day and how each meal plays a huge role in their overall focus and performance. Mostly childrenskip meals or eat unhealthy fried snacks which hinder in reducing their concentration on studies. Make mealtime peaceful and happy and try to accompany your child while they have a meal. Make sure that your child eats properly even on an examination day. Practice this habit before the exam season so that they don't skip their meals

Summary: Importance of Healthy Diet especially when Exams are nearing As the examination time nearby, the mental pressure and the tension slowly creeps into student's mind which can affect their health, eating patterns and food choices. Skipping meals, binge eating, excessive sugary foods and snacking may affect their overall health and exam performance. It's important that we understand and explain the importance of healthy diet during the exam season.

Healthy Snacking: Children tempt to pick deep-fried and salty foods for snacks but these foods can dull their brain activities and will not be able to concentrate on studies instead inculcate the habit of healthy snacks before the actual exams begin. Snacks such as dark chocolate, fruits,peanut,nutspread,cheese cubes,salad,dryfruit,buttermilk,ghee,honey,jaggery,steamed nuts and juices which will nourish and help the child to feel healthy rather sluggish. Adequate Sleep Sleep is most important for concentration during exams. Getting 8 hours of sound sleep will enhance brain functionality and help child think faster and remember whatever they study.oversleeping and sleep deprivation might cause problem in child study patterns diuring exam and reduce concentration.Proper sleep is also one among the healthy diets during exams.

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